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cristimsilva: Enrolled !! @hummelsiep1 @rbb2 Are you doing #edcm again? Starts in November. @cristimsilva @kmallwein #edcmooc #edcmchat 7 Jun 2013
StephaneTardy: @pingked #edcmchat I'm so sorry, I'm invited to a wedding on Sat. 6th July. That won't work for the moderating... See you on Goodreads 2 Jun 2013
mannyladisr: "Vashti was seized with the terrors of direct experience." We must get out and interact in 3D. Not just have 2D friendships. #edcmchat 1 Jun 2013
rbb2nd: Wanted Happy: RT @essigna: @trendingteacher just wish he'd led them out or at least escaped haha #eternaloptimist #happyendings #edcmchat 1 Jun 2013
trendingteacher: @essigna I think he does when he tells V,‘I am dying, but we touch, we talk, not through the Machine.’ Enjoy! See u next time! :) #edcmchat 1 Jun 2013
essigna: Well I better go.. off to the beach for a winter blast (off screen on beach) .. plenty to think about today :) Thank you #edcmchat 1 Jun 2013
trendingteacher: @essigna K: "The very hair disfiguring his lip showed he ws reverting 2some savagetype.On atavism the Machine can have no mercy. " #edcmchat 1 Jun 2013
essigna: @trendingteacher Must reread.. just wish he'd led them out or at least escaped haha #eternaloptimist #happyendings #edcmchat 1 Jun 2013
trendingteacher: @essigna oh Kuno is my hero! loved his defiance! Did u notice Forster's physical description of him.trying to find the exact quote #edcmchat 1 Jun 2013
trendingteacher: by the way, are any of you enrolled in the Fiction of Relationship MOOC beginning Monday? #edcmchat 1 Jun 2013
essigna: @trendingteacher Kuno interested me. I could talk about him and his difference and choices for ages.. so I won't start lol. #edcmchat 1 Jun 2013
trendingteacher: @essigna agree! short and sweet yet so rich for discussion! #edcmchat 1 Jun 2013
essigna: @trendingteacher Probably something metaphorical and ironic!! Lol #edcmchat 1 Jun 2013
trendingteacher: @kirstie_C have a great evening Kirstie! #edcmchat 1 Jun 2013
trendingteacher: @essigna i know! So ironic our discussions about his work reduced to 140 characters! Wonder what Forster would say..lol! #edcmchat 1 Jun 2013
kirstie_C: @essigna That was a great book for that - one sitting #edcmchat 1 Jun 2013
kirstie_C: @essigna @trendingteacher Talking of which, it's getting late for me! bye all! #edcmchat 1 Jun 2013
pingked: @essigna @trendingteacher reading choices so far: thanks to @robhogg68 & @kirstie_C ? 's suggestions & voted on in Goodreads #edcmchat 1 Jun 2013
essigna: @kirstie_C lol. I vote the shortest.. just reading so much for study so this was perfect! #edcmchat 1 Jun 2013
kirstie_C: Please vote on which book you would like to read in July http://t.co/uZGkbaZdVn - or suggest another #edcmchat #edcmooc 1 Jun 2013
essigna: @trendingteacher True! Whatever the book they had they didn't understand it enough to fix the machine and save their lives. #edcmchat 1 Jun 2013
essigna: @trendingteacher Just so clever. What a disaster! #edcmchat such a good reading choice! So much to think about. 1 Jun 2013
trendingteacher: @essigna interesting i know too bad it can't be that way for all #edcmchat 1 Jun 2013
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